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Who Really Is a Man And How Society Describes Him?

MAN. What exactly comes to your mind when you hear this word? Is it strength and love? Or hatred and discrimination? I guess there is a mixed feeling that comes from various people around the world.Meanwhile, the definition says that a man is a beautiful creation of God who doesn't only sacrifice his dreams but starts compromising at a very tender age. I'd instead say, from bearing the responsibilities of his elder ones to handling work outside home, a small boy often grows into a man way before anyone notices. You may call him insensitive, yet he can feel the pain just like other human beings, it's just that he's better at hiding it. The sufferings that he goes through and yet glows like a chiseled diamond which came out from graphite, never does he let anyone know his agony.This story is not just a compilation of a few posters and some written material on it; this is an open letter from a woman like me to all those men who think their sufferings, struggles, and pain go unrecognised. Believe me, the society may not know you, but many other women like me and I love you for who you are.Let's have a look at what men really are and how society thinks of them to be. 

Is it necessary?

I guess gender shouldn't be a criteria for paying bills. This is the 21st century, and I think, women earn too and they can sometimes pay when on a date or at any restaurant with a man. 

Why? Did God whisper it to someone?

I guess a color is something that reunites everyone be it red, black, white, blue or pink. Women were not assigned a particular colour neither were men, then why does society discriminate against a man who wears a particular colour? I guess society was definitely assigned a permanent colour, 'Black' that surrenders their mind all the time.

They don't have a heart?

People often generalise their personal experiences as public statements. Many girls might have come across wrong partners in their lifetime, but that doesn't mean you generalise the entire gender as 'wrong'. No! I guess that won't do justice to this gender.

Everyone does but nobody accepts.

It is not men who initiate intimate conversations every time. C'mon, even women talk shit and also initiate flirting. 

They sometimes do that too.

If you think that gossiping is a woman's birth right then, you're wrong. Men do like gossiping and sometimes bitch too.

They do but never show.

Yes, If you have been in a relationship with a man or you have a brother, you must be very well aware that men do have emotions. Just because they don't go weak in front of you in any situation, that doesn't mean they don't feel. They cry their heart out but never let anybody know.

Nobody knows it better.

While men move around with a strong face, and that too because society expects them to be like that, it doesn't make them less sensitive to pain. Try hurting their closer ones and you'll know what pain feels like.

All men are not rapists.

Yes, I agree that most men you may have come across are dogs. Staring at you, eve-teasing, trading you like a commodity but not all men are the same. Some have the sanity to fight against these evils of the society.

Everyone is fearful.

Oh, right! Ever seen the face of a man when his loved ones, especially the women of his house, stay out late in the night? That's what fear feels like. The irony being, he knows that while one man is the protector, there is an animal from the same gender out there.

They do, you don't.

If you think so, you really need some mind brushing. Because not every man is careless just because he looks like that. Remember the phrase, never judge a book by its cover.

That's the biggest hypocrisy.

Why is it not fair for a man to dream of a beautiful woman who is also well-settled and he can marry? But in the same place, if a woman dreams of a well-groomed and settled man, she's fair in her demands. What hypocrisy! Hats-off to the society.Well, in my opinion, people talk about feminism, gender equality, evading hypocrisy and so on, but no one actually understands the exact meaning of these words. If women deserve to be equally treated in the society then there is no denying the fact that men too should be treated with priority. All men are not the same.That's all folks!Share your views in the comment section below if you agree or disagree with what I have described in this story.Like, share and reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com if you have anything else to say.Poster credits: Nidhi Vaishnav