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Time To Pour Your Heart Out And Turn Your Tales Into A Lifetime Memory

I wish to tell you that I already was missing something so precious in my life that I didn't know when and where I would get lost in the middle of the crowd. And this thought would have prevailed until I came across my day's moonlight that not only uplifted my soul but also allowed me to split my personality into someone which I never thought I would have ever shown to anyone other than myself. To my amazement, my day's moonlight was not any human, it wasn't any supernatural power and neither it was any imaginary world. It was for real; it was in my reach, it was with me for ever and ever. And to your amazement, let me tell you it was just an arm's length away. Wondering what I'm talking about? Here's what you need to check out...

My ray of hope was these beautiful two letters.

IV, these two letters look simple only till the time you don't unbox its real meaning. IV is just not the two letters, its meaning sums up the literal meaning of life. Your heart, your voice that always remained unheard will be out there in the world heard and praised by every other human who is just not thinking like you but is also living the same life and same tale as yours. Your Inner-Voice, my Inner-Voice, everyone's Inner-Voice will be now together heard as the entire world's 'InnerVoice' at just one single platform, i.e. InnerVoice by WittyFeed (IV).Below are some stories shared by people which you would love to read and even share with your people. Let's have a look at them.

Here you can share your love tale and even your pain.

Because memories are just to stay for eternity.

And when you take your heart out...

After all, anything and everything that affects you need to be shared.

And in the end, the fact that one should never forget, "Faith is the biggest power of all!"

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